• NEW GLS-520 Green Laser Sight
    NEW GLS-520 Green Laser Sight
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  • NEW GLDM-520 Green Laser Module
    NEW GLDM-520 Green Laser Module
  • New Laser 3000 Cluster Head
    New Laser 3000 Cluster Head
  • Optical & electro-mechanical design
    Optical & electro-mechanical design
  • Single and Cluster Heads
    Single and Cluster Heads
  • Laser 3000 Packages
    Laser 3000 Packages
  • New LDM-1 Laser Diode Module
    New LDM-1 Laser Diode Module
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  • OEM Laser Sights
    OEM Laser Sights
  • Your Custom Solutions Partner
    Your Custom Solutions Partner BeforeBind-Edit
  • Dual Laser Module
    Dual Laser Module 92761 new3 92761 new4
  • Uniform Intensity Line Generators
    Uniform Intensity Line Generators Line Gen Uniform line Uniform Uniform slide4 Uniform slide5
  • NEW Adustable Low Divergence LDM-5AD
    NEW Adustable Low Divergence LDM-5AD LDM-5AD Slider LDM-5AD
  • New Equine Laser 3000
    New Equine Laser 3000
  • New Greyhound Laser 3000
    New Greyhound Laser 3000 rapid
  • NEW VetLaser 3000
    NEW VetLaser 3000
  • Manufacturers of Quality OEM Lasers
    Manufacturers of Quality OEM Lasers

World Leading Laser Manufacture and Design

As laser technology continues to establish groundbreaking progress in both the industrial and commercial worlds, Laserex continues to make that technology accessible and comprehensive to thousands of customers with advanced technology requirements including military and medical,  to the entertainment industry and home / consumer use.

At the forefront of this industry, Laserex is an Australian Owned company located in Adelaide, South Australia. With a reputation built on supplying high quality lasers and laser-affiliated products worldwide since 1985, Laserex has over 30 years leading experience in this field of advanced technology design and manufacture. Laserex continues to supply clients with the highest quality workmanship, first-rate service and a dedication to remaining the best in our field.

Quality Assured Company

As a Quality Assured company, Laserex provides both the manufacture and design of premier industrial and commercial OEM lasers and laser applications to our client base. Laserex lasers are shipped for use in some of the world’s leading medical surgeries as well as being supplied for service in our defence force contracts. Our brand can be spotted in the most advanced technical, scientific, commercial and industrial applications around the globe.

Laserex also specialises in custom-built laser technologies. If your requirements are exclusive to your business, the Laserex R&D team of engineers and designers will work closely with you to produce OEM custom built lasers, from concept to production. Your confidence in us is our priority, our clients recognise Laserex for its meticulous consultative process during customised production.

Explore our Quality Lasers

The online Laserex store also showcases an extensive range of leading lasers and laser products for a wide range of industries ready to ship to your door today! Our range includes laser modules, laser therapy, laser sights, line generators and laser pointers.

At Laserex, our focus is to ensure the finest workmanship, expertise and service available anywhere on the globe, and we are very good at what we do. By choosing us to deliver a thorough and skilful service to you as a customer, you can be confident in Laserex to supply you with only the best.


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