904nm Single Head Laser 3000

Laserex introduces a 904nm version of the Laser 3000.

The 904nm wavelength is commonly used to treat a wide range of pain conditions and injuries.  Being infrared, the 904nm penetrates around 5cm into the muscle tissue and is ideal for treating:

•Injured muscles

The Single Head Laser 3000 is ideal to accurately pinpoint the injured area with the correct dosage, thereby providing rapid pain relief and allowing the healing process to begin.

The 904nm wavelength is well known in the research literature for its positive benefits and deep penetrating properties.

Being in the near infrared range, 904nm allows for a greater dose of laser energy to penetrate deep into the injured muscle tissue, encouraging healing without any heating or subsequent burning or heating of the skin.

904nm has approximately double the penetration properties of visible red lasers, highlighting the effectiveness of using this wavelength.

Continuous Wave and Pulsed Nogier Frequencies

The Laser 3000 range of laser therapy units operate either in Continuous Wave (CW) or 1 of 7 Pulsed Nogier frequencies.  The benefits of laser therapy remain the same under CW or Pulsed, the method of delivery to the tissue is different.

CW probes involve the laser beam being constantly on and is a common delivery method used with laser therapy.  On the other hand, with Pulsed laser therapy eg 73Hz, 146Hz to 4672Hz, the laser beam is switched on for a brief period of time to enhance penetration into the muscle tissue.

The Single Head 904nm Laser 3000 is now available for sale through Laserex’s Online Shop.

Laserex can also manufacture a Cluster Head 904nm version of the Laser 3000. 

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