Diode Laser Module   OEM Green Laser Module

OEM Applications

Laserex can come up with a custom solution that exceeds your requirements.  With 30 years of experience in OEM design and manufacture, Laserex will work together with you to find a solution to your application.

  • Alignment Lasers - Laserex’s range of custom designed laser modules meets the precise demands of alignment in numerous applications.
  • Industrial Safety Systems  – Laserex custom designed a laser system for use in a brake press application increasing accuracy and efficiency of the plant’s operations.
  • Laser Light Shows – Laserex’s reliable range of green laser modules are used to illuminate a building in Canberra, Australia.
  • Positioning – Laser Modules assist with positioning patients on x-ray machines thereby assisting operators to accurately take images.
  • Research and Development- Laser Modules are used in many scientific fields where a reliable laser spot, line or cross-hair are required.
  • Robotics - The compact nature of Laserex’s LDM-1 Laser Module has seen its use in robotics applications.
  • Military Lasers - Laserex’s laser modules can be incorporated in a custom solution for a military application.
  • Pointing and Illumination – Laser Modules are used as sub-assemblies in laser range finders and laser aiming applications.

Contact Laserex for more details and how we can assist you with your application.