Class 3B Vs Class IV

Laser treating horse L3003

Class 3B Vs Class IV Lasers

Much is written about the benefits of Class IV lasers Vs Class 3B lasers.  For the record, a Class IV laser has an output power of >500mW, which means it is powerful enough to burn skin and cause serious damage to eyes if used incorrectly.

Class IV laser therapy units in Europe have the highest classification of laser radiation.  Class IV lasers have the capacity to set fire to areas they are shone onto.

The FDA in the US has issued warnings about Class IV lasers as they represent a fire hazard.

Class 3B lasers such as the Laser 3000 have an output power of <500mW.  The Laser 3000’s 808nm cluster head has an output power of 450mW whilst the single head 808nm has 300mW output power.  Lasers with this amount of output power are classified as Cold Lasers, they do not generate heat and do not cause harm to patients.

There are numerous examples where Class IV lasers have caused serious burns and hence extreme caution must be exercised when using products of this nature.  This does not apply to the Laser 3000 or other laser therapy units manufactured by Laserex Technologies.

The Laser 3000 penetrates around 5cm into the muscle tissue providing pain relief and is suitable for treating numerous injuries in horses, dogs as well as other animals.

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