Cold Laser Therapy

The Laser 3000 is a Class 3B Cold Laser, that provides pain relief from many common ailments affecting horses, greyhounds as well as other animals.  Being an infrared cold laser, the Laser 3000 penetrates deep into the muscle tissue rapidly repairing damaged tissue and reducing inflammation.

Cold Lasers have been around for since the 1960s and have proven themselves to be one of the best products to use on injured animals.  There are no known side effects from using Cold Laser Therapy and hence its acceptance into mainstream use by Veterinarian and Medical keeps increasing at an accelerating pace.  Wounds, scars as well as inflammation are rapidly healed using cold laser therapy as a treatment modality.  There is also the added benefit of cold lasers being drug free with no harmful side effects.

Commonly Asked Questions About Cold Lasers

How far does the Laser 3000 penetrate?

The Laser 3000 penetrates around 5cm into the muscle tissue with the 808nm Infrared.  This is very effective for treating al common injuries suffered by high performance animals such as thoroughbred horses as well as greyhounds.  The laser stimulates cell activity, speeding up the healing of damaged tissue.

What are the benefits of using Cold Laser Therapy?

  • Decrease in swelling / swollenness due to lymphatic drainage.
  • Increased circulation of the blood to the damaged tissue
  • Cold lasers increase levels of collagen, this greatly assists with the healing of wounds
  • Increased endorphins due to cold lasers increasing the production of this natural chemical present in the animals’ body

Is Cold Laser Therapy Safe?

The Laser 3000 is a Class 3B laser that is classified as being a Cold Laser with an output power <500mW.  Output powers that are >500mW Are classified as Class 4 and these have the potential to burn if used incorrectly.  There have been many instances over the years of burns occurring due to incorrect use of Class 4 lasers.

The 808nm Cluster Head Laser 3000 has 450mW output power.  The Single Head 808nm Laser 3000 comes with 300mW of output power.  This laser is safe and effective to use provided one takes the simple straightforward precautions when using the product.

This includes:

  • Attaching the RF interlock when using the Laser 3000 indoors
  • Always wearing the laser safety eyewear provided with the unit
  • Never point the Laser 3000 in the direction of someone’s eyes

These are mentioned in the User Manual accompanying the Laser 3000.  The product also comes with all necessary caution / warning labels.

What is a Low Level Laser?

Lasers have the properties of being one colour (red, infrared) is coherent, travels in a column, is a single wavelength ie monochromatic and is concentrated in one particular region or spot. Due to these physical properties, allows cold lasers to penetrate the surface of the animal’s skin without heating the tissue.  Cells are rejuvenated when the laser beam enters greatly assisting the body with the healing process.  The laser light when transmitted with the blood positively impacts of the whole body, providing oxygen to cells.

What does LASER stand for?

Lasers stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulation of Emitted Radiation.  The world famous Albert Einstein was one of the first scientists to discover the benefits of using laser therapy.

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