Company Profile

Laserex is an Australian manufacturer of quality OEM laser products and solutions, located in Adelaide South Australia.

Since its inception in 1985, Laserex has evolved from manufacturing laser pointers to designing and developing quality custom laser solutions to customer specifications around the world.


  • Custom Optical Design
  • Custom designed housings
  • Rapid prototype design and manufacture
  • Optical and Electro-Mechanical Design.
  • Quick turnaround time from initial concept to prototype manufacture
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured Company

Laserex’s custom laser solutions are incorporated into numerous applications world wide. Our manufacturing expertise in lasers and optics is available to support your requirements, whether you’re looking for a standard affordable off the shelf laser module or an industrial customer seeking a custom OEM solution.

Our experienced team of Engineers will provide you with the service you require with a rapid response to your inquiry.

Laserex’s skilled technical staff and efficient manufacturing facility allows for the provision of a wide range of services directed to our valued customers. These services include prototyping, manufacturing, custom design, as well as testing for a wide range of areas and applications.

In addition, Laserex’s skills and technology are used in numerous technical fields where custom designs require a custom laser solution.


  • Ability to manufacture in house to specific tolerances allowing for precise optical alignment and positioning
  • Custom Opto-electronic design capabilities
  • Optical testing and component integration
  • Proven track record of manufacturing quality OEM laser solutions tailored to meet customer needs
  • Market leader in many industries eg  medical, military / defence, industrial
  • Cutting edge high tech products servicing numerous industries

Laserex’s Engineers are qualified to offer numerous application oriented advice, providing superior solutions for your optical requirements.

Whether the project requires optical design or opto-mechanical manufacturing and assembly, our Engineers are able to assist with your project and determine whether it be an off the shelf product or a custom laser solution.

Laserex’s Engineers will assist with answering technical questions and provide thorough product testing with test reports to assist with your project requirements.


  • Custom Optical designs integrating available optics or custom designed solutions
  • Design, manufacture and production of custom laser and OEM solutions
  • In house optical, electronic and mechanical engineers
  • Experts at manufacturing and designing turnkey solutions
  • Flexible manufacturing process allows for small as well as high volume manufacturing of intricate products

From concept through to design, prototype and then production run, Laserex works closely with its customers to develop a quality custom laser solution that meets their exacting requirements and is delivered on time.

Our company profile indicates Laserex’s expertise in developing custom solutions that meet customer requirements.

We look forward to working together with you.