Custom Laser Solutions

Custom Laser Solutions

Laserex Technologies – Your Custom Laser Solutions Partner

When an off the shelf laser module is unsuitable for your project, Laserex can custom design a solution that meets your specifications.  Our highly skilled and experienced custom solutions team will work closely with you to design, test and manufacture a solution meeting your needs.

Laserex has a dedicated team of Engineers and designers who are very experienced in coming up with custom laser solutions that meet and even exceed customer specifications and expectations.  At Laserex, no project is considered too small to receive our attention and detail, thus ensuring customers receive a laser that fulfills their requirements.

Drawing on our skills base, Laserex attracts interest from companies all over the world for its Custom Solution Skills in design, manufacturing and engineering in the laser and optics field.  This specialized skills that Laserex has makes it a much sought after company for those seeking a well planned and thought out Custom Laser Solution.

Laserex is an ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company.  We are audited by an external agency on a yearly basis.

Laserex has 30 years of experience in Custom Laser Solutions, with the following competitive advantages:

  • Engineering and electro-mechanical design skills
  • Rapid prototyping facilities available in-house
  • Experienced production staff who manufacture products with tight tolerances
  • Ability to custom manufacture products to strict specifications
  • Quality team who rigorously check that manufactured items meet all the necessary requirements and standards
  • Dedicated team of professionals who work to ensure customers receive solutions that are engineered and designed to meet their requirements and are cost effective

Laserex Designs, Develops and Delivers Custom Laser Solutions. 

Visit the following link to see our Custom Solutions Flowchart.

Download our Custom Solutions Brochure for more details.

Custom Laser Solutions Brochure

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