Design Guide

Design Guide

Laser Module Design Guide

Laserex Technologies is an OEM manufacturer of laser diode modules and solutions. The following is a guide to assist with your selection of a suitable standard laser module for your application.


The majority of Laserex’s laser modules come with an anodized aluminum housing in various sizes eg 25mm x11mm for the LDM-4 series to 37mm x 11mm for the LDM-5 modules. We can also supply the housing in brass if required. Laserex can also custom design housings to your size if required. Contact our sales team for more details.


Laserex can manufacture a laser module with either visible red (eg 650nm or 635nm) as well as infrared eg 780nm or green (532nm) wavelengths. The most suitable wavelength will depend upon the application the laser module is being used. Things to consider would be the levels of ambient light present and whether the laser will be used indoors or outdoors.

Beam Profile

Laserex’s laser modules can come either with an elliptical beam (LDM-4), circular (LDM-5) or with a line or cross-hair with the necessary optic attached.

Beam Performance

Our laser modules are available with a collimated beam (focused to infinity) or focused to a specified distance.

If your application requires a lone or cross-hair, the correct fan angle needs to be determined. Laserex has a wide range of standard fan angles for our range of standard as well as Uniform Intensity Line Generators.

Use Laserex’s Line Length Calculator to help determine the correct fan angle for your application.

Output power

The amount of output power required for your application is determined by many factors eg light levels present as well as the working distance. The output power is measured in milli-watts (mW) and is used in the laser modules’ description eg LDM-4-635-1-G (LDM-4 laser module with 1mW output power).

If purchasing a laser module with a line generator, it is best to specify if you require the output power to be before or after the line generator as there is power loss as the laser beam passes through the line generating optics.

All Laserex laser modules have their power tested and recorded using an Ophir calibrated power meter by our production staff in the company’s database, along with the laser module’s serial number.


Laserex’s laser modules can come with the following options:

• Line Generator
• Pulsing (with yellow wire for the TTL signal)
• Focused to customer specifications
• Potentiometer
• Variable focus adjustment
• Laser Module Mounts

Please contact Laserex for further details regarding the options available for the laser module.

Power Supply

Our laser modules operate off 3-6V DC power supply, with 4.5V being the optimal operating voltage. Laserex can supply you with:

• AC Adaptor
• Battery Pack
• DC-DC Power Supply

Use Laserex’s Design Guide to help you design the Laser Diode Module you require.