Diode Laser Module

Laserex ‘s Extensive Range of Diode Laser Modules

Laserex has a wide range of Diode Laser Modules suitable for numerous industrial and OEM applications.  Whether you are looking for a dot, line or x-hair, Laserex  will work together with you to design a cost effective solution that meets your specifications.

LDM-1 Diode Laser Module

Laser Module

The LDM-1 Diode Laser Module is suitable for use where confined spaces exist.  The LDM-1 can come with pins or wires if required.  This compact laser module is also PCB mountable with a variable focus function.  The LDM-1 laser module can also come with a line generating optic attached making it a versatile, reliable and rugged solution.

LDM-2 Diode Laser Module

Laser Module

The LDM 2 Diode Laser Module comes in an aluminium anodized housing and is ideal for use either as a laser sight eg LS-700 or in range finding application.  With X-Y adjustment, the LDM-2 is perfect for bore sighting applications.  The unit holds its zero extremely well and can withstand heavy recoil.

LDM-3 Diode Laser Module

Diode Laser Module

The LDM 3 Diode Laser Module  comes in a stainless steel housing and is used in heavy industrial environments where dust, dirt and grime is present.  The LDM-3 Laser Module can come with a line generating optic with the option of the line being aligned either perpendicular or parallel to the base.

LDM-4 Diode Laser Module

Laser Diode Module

The LDM 4 Laser Diode Module is the most common and versatile of the range of Laserex laser modules. The laser module can come with a line generator, variable focus option, with a pulsing or collimated beam.  The LDM-4 Laser Module can also be focused down to produce a spot of only a few microns. The unit is well priced to accommodate the needs of numerous OEM and industrial customers

LDM-5 Diode Laser Module

Laser Module

The LDM 5 Laser Module is ideal for applications where a circularized beam is required.  With a pointing accuracy of <0.3mrad, the LDM-5 laser module has proven its effectiveness in numerous scientific, industrial and educational environments.

LDM-5AD Diode Laser Module

Diode Laser Module

Laserex has recently introduced the LDM-5AD Adjustable Laser Module.  This laser module can come with a line generator whilst still allowing for the focal distance to be varied.  This added feature makes the LDM-5AD a very useful laser module to have in situations where focal distances vary as per application.

Laserex’s laser modules are ideal for use in the following applications:

  • Laser alignment systems
  • Machine vision lighting
  • Laser Positioning
  • Robotics

To read more details of these laser modules and how they can be used in OEM projects, please visit our Laser Module page.

Contact Laserex for further details with your next OEM project.  We look forward to working together with you.

Visit our Laser Diode Module Selector page for more information.  Our standard off the shelf laser modules are available through Laserex’s Online Shop.