GLS-520 Differences

GLS-520 Green Laser Sight

The market is literally flooded with dozens of green laser sights, all claiming to be the best. How do you know that the green laser sight you purchase is one that performs to expectations and does not frustrate you when out on a shooting expedition?

We hope the following will help clarify things for the sporting and recreational shooter.

How is the GLS-520 different?

The GLS-520 Green Laser Sight comes with a 520nm green laser diode.  That makes it a genuine green laser sight.

Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser sights use infrared and crystal based technology to form the green colour.  DPSSS laser sights come with a 532nm wavelength.

The majority of green laser sights appear the same on the outside.

That is because most manufacturers are using the same housing, sourced from an offshore company.  Where the GLS-520 is different is that the optics and internal circuitry use laser diode technology.

  • The GLS-520 uses a long focal length lens allowing for a 90% circular beam to be emitted. This equates to  a <0.3mrad beam divergence angle.
  • DPSS green laser sights have a <1.2mrad beam divergence.  This results in a significant difference in the spot size.  The GLS-520 produces a bright green, circular spot of 35mm at 100m.  DPSS green lasers have 50mm spot size at the same distance.
  • This makes a huge difference in terms of obtaining an accurate shot when out in the field.  Aiming with a clearer, circular laser spot greatly increases the likelihood of landing a shot on  the target from long range.
  • DPSS Green Laser Sights to not have this feature. By their design and components used, DPSS laser sights have limited features in terms of operating under different temperature extremes.

The GLS-520 outperforms DPSS Green Laser Sights in terms of performance & accuracy.

Output Power

In Australia, the output powers for green lasers are <1mW for Class 2 eye-safe.  There are many imported green lasers that have output powers >20mW.  These are illegal and can do serious eye-damage if accidentally shone into someone’s eyes.  The GLS-520 meets Australian Standards and is manufactured by Laserex, an ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company.


The GLS-520 was extensively tested to Military Standard using a Weatherby Magnum.  Around 2000 rounds were fired through the weapon with the GLS-520 laser sight attached.  The GLS-520 Laser Sight coped exceptionally well with the high load acceptably. There was no shock impacting upon the performance of the laser sight present during testing.

This again highlights, the rugged and reliable nature of Laserex’s GLS-520 Green Laser Sight.

The GLS-520 differences in relation to DPSS Green lasers make it one of the best performing green laser sights on the market.


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