GLS-520 Vs DPSS Laser Sights

Superior Features and Performance

GLS-520 P1010403 (2)

The New Laserex GLS-520 Green Laser Sight has performance features and specifications that are far superior to those found in traditional DPSS Green Laser Sights.

DPSS lasers are limited by their narrow temperature range as well as having large spot sizes that were ineffective for target acquisition and accuracy.

The GLS-520 Laser Sight overcomes these shortcomings as is highlighted in the below table.  This makes the product ideal for use in the harshest of conditions and temperature extremes.

Being 5 times brighter to the human eye than red lasers, the GLS-520 Laser Sight can be easily seen on targets over long distances.

Extensive testing was carried out on the GLS-520 Laser Sight by an independent military organization.  The GLS-520 passed all the tests, holding its zero on high powered firearms and weapons.

The GLS-520 is ideal for use by military, law enforcement as well as sporting and recreational shooters.

Australian designed and manufactured, the GLS-520 Laser Sight is an ideal addition for the serious hunter or firearms enthusiast wanting something extra to improve their accuracy on their next shooting expedition.

Specifications GLS-520  DPSS Green Laser Sights
Operating Temperature -15 to +60C 15 to +35C
Elliptical Beam Ratio 0.9:1 0.7:1
Beam Divergence <0.3mrad <1.2mrad
Spot Size @ 100m  35mm 50mm