Green Laser Diode Module

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GLDM-520 Green Laser Diode Modules

Laserex introduces a new range of quality Green Laser Diode Modules.

The high performance GLDM-520 module is suitable for numerous OEM applications that require a highly visible green spot or line. The turn-key design with integrated electronics, and no crystal optics makes the GLDM-520 green laser suitable for use in a wide range of plug and play applications.

  • Wide Temperature Range

Laserex’s GLDM series operates in a wide temperature range from -15C to +60C, making it suitable for use in many environmental conditions, thus overcoming shortcomings associated with Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers.

  • Instant Rise Time

The new design of GLDM series of laser modules overcomes the warm up times associated with green lasers, where previously one would have to wait for the laser to reach its maximum brightness.

  • Stable Output Powers

The APC Driver enables the GLDM-520 to have a stable output power, with a stable operating temperature range.  The GLDM series is also shock resistant.

The GLDM features a 520nm wavelength and output powers from 1mW – 15mW, factory set by Laserex.

This makes the GLDM series ideal for use in visual alignment and targeting applications.

  • Day or Night Use

The GLDM green laser diode modules provide a visible green laser output near the centre of sensitivity of the human eye, making them around 5 times brighter than traditional red laser modules.

As green lasers are more visible than red laser of the same power output and laser safety class, they are particularly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  

Laser rangefinders and distance meters, such as those used by builders and surveyors, can be used over longer distances with green lasers, without any loss of beam quality or coherence.

  • Accuracy

The GLDM 520 series of laser modules incorporate quality optics in a compact package designed to meet critical technical specifications required by OEM customers.

Another feature of the GLDM 520 series is the lower beam divergence than DPSS lasers.

It comes in two configurations:

  • The GLDM-4V series has a beam divergence of <0.75mrad, with an elliptical beam ration of 0.7:1.
  • The GLDM-5 series laser has a beam divergence of <0.3mrad with a circularized beam ratio of 0.9:1, ideal for use over long distances.

Both laser modules come with variable focus adjustment as standard.  The GLDM-4V series is available either with a plastic or glass lens whilst, the GLDM-5 series comes with a long focal length glass lens as standard.

The GLDM series is available with Standard Line Generators and Uniform Intensity Line Generating optics in all common fan angles.

To read more about the GLDM series, please download the Datasheets – GLDM-4V-520 and GLDM-5-520.

Visit the following link to view a PowerPoint presentation about the GLDM-4V and GLDM-5 Series of Green Laser Diode Modules on YouTube.

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