Why a Green Laser Sight?

Green Laser Sights are 5 x brighter than red laser sights

  • The human eye is more sensitive to the colour green than red.  This is why the GLS-520 green laser sight is more visible allowing for its use in numerous light conditions – dawn, dusk as well as indoors.
  • This allows for the rapid acquisition of targets either out in the field or an indoor shooting range.


  • The GLS-520 Green Laser Sight comes with a 520 green laser diode that is far more sensitive than red laser sights of 635nm or 650nm.  Laserex laser sights are Class 2, <1mW output power meaning that they comply with all the necessary safety laws related to the use of these products.
  • At a distance of 100m, the GLS-50 has a spot size of around 35mm with a 90% circular beam.  In comparison, a red laser sight will have a spot size of around 65mm with a 70% circular beam and appear elliptical in shape.

Why Green Lasers are Highly Visible

  • The colour green is closer to the visible spectrum at 520nm, this allows it to be easier and clearer for the human eye to recognize the color as opposed to red lasers.
  • 520nm is the ideal wavelength for obtaining the brightest, most visible green laser sight. 

This can be seen from the below Visible Spectrum chart.

wavelength 520

Common Questions About Green Laser Sights

Q.  Why do some green laser sights take time to warm up?

A.  These are Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers (DPSS).  The GLS-520 laser sight comes with a laser diode, giving the laser sight an Instant Rise Time.

Q.  Why are Green Laser Sights more expensive than Red Ones?

A. The technology used to make a green laser diode is more expensive than that used to make red.

Q. What type of Battery Life can I expect with the GLS-520?

A.  The battery life of the CR-123A will be around 4 hours.

Q.  Are Green Lasers Sights reliable?

A. The GLS-520 Green Laser Sight was extensively tested on military grade weapons and is a very, rugged, reliable product ideal for use in the harshest of conditions.

Visit the following link to download the GLS-520 Flyer.