Industrial Safety Systems

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Custom Laser Solution – Industrial Safety System

Laserex Technologies’s custom solution team worked with one of the worldwide leaders in industrial equipment safety systems to develop the laser and receiver technology used in Brake Press Machine Systems.

The design developed by Laserex increased operator safety thereby resulting in increases in throughput and efficiency of the manufacturing plant’s operations.

The industrial safety system uses a flat band of laser light that continuously covers the zone below the punch. Its unique optical design detects obstructions as small as 4mm in width, whilst being tolerant to vibrations. This allows the operator to work without the encumbrances of conventional curtain guarding, close to the work area, in total safety.

Laserex’s Engineering team continuously worked together with the client to design and develop a product that was suitable for use in the customer’s product.  The Brake press was subsequently sold around the world and performed exceptionally well.  This is another example of a client requiring a custom solution and Laserex custom designed an Industrial Safety System.  Laserex’s specializes in custom solutions that are designed in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

This is where Laserex’s skills in design, optoelectronics and mechanical design were used thus enabling a custom solution that met the customer’s requirements.

Laserex has 30 years of experience the laser and optics field.  We have proven time and time again to be the chosen supplier to some of the world’s leading companies seeking a reliable, effective and cost effective solution.  We work together from initial concept through to prototype design and then production run.  At all stages of this process, Laserex keeps the customer informed of its progress with CAD drawings, test results as well communication through emails and phone calls when necessary.

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