Please visit the following link to read the Operating instructions for the Laser 3000.

Operating Instructions

Watch a YouTube clip about Operating Instructions for the Laser 3000.

Upon purchasing the Laser 3000 you will receive a Colour User Manual as well as a printed PowerPoint presentation featuring a detailed explanation of all the product features of the unit.

This Instructions will cover areas such as:

  • Programming the Laser 3000
  • Inputting dosages into the unit
  • Operating either in Continuous Wave or Pulsed Nogier frequency
  • Using the RF interlock
  • Battery re-charging
  • Use of Laser Safety Eyewear

The Laser 3000 is safe, effective and easy to use by owners, trainers as well as vets to treat injured animals.  The features of the product make it one of the most cost effective, reliable and functional handheld laser therapy unit available on the market.  Unlike some therapy units that use LEDs, the Laser 3000 comes with GAAlAs Diode Lasers that have proven to be most effective in treating muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.

There are numerous studies and clinical trials highlighting the effectiveness of laser therapy in treating injured animals.  Laser technology is being ever more used as people seek the best solution available for fast and effective pain relief for their injured animal that is painless and results in significant improvements in their animal’s health.

There are many satisfied owners and trainers who are now effectively using the Laser 3000 to manage their horse or greyhound’s health without the need for expensive Veterinary fees.  Unlike some treatments that involve drugs where there is the potential for side effects, laser therapy penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, providing pain relief and enabling the healing process to occur.  Lasers are also well known for reducing swelling and inflammation by encouraging blood flow to the damaged tissue.

Contact Laserex if you require more information about the Laser 3000.  You can purchase the Laser 3000 through Laserex’s Online Shop.