Laser Light Shows

laser light shows

OEM Laser Solution – Light Shows

The Laserex Technologies range of green laser modules were recently used in a major visual display in Canberra, Australia. The display is planned to operate every night for 15 years.  The rugged, reliable nature of the green lasers make them ideal for use in an outdoor application where they will be exposed to the elements and still perform exceptionally well.

Laserex’s Applications Engineer worked closely with the client to custom design a solution that involved a series of green lasers with line generators.  The finished product was an outstanding example of using lasers as a light show lighting up a building at nigh time for the public’s enjoyment.

“Twenty green lasers were used to transform an aging building into a creative artwork know as ‘Laserwrap.’ Perth artists Richie Kuhaupt and Geoffrey Drake-Brockman used a gently shifting grid of laser light to make the building appear as if it is subtly loosened from its moorings.”

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Green laser modules are ideal for laser light shows and visual displays due to the human eyes natural response being more sensitive to the colour green than red.

The numerous laser patterns and beam shapes available make it possible for breathtaking visual displays to be achieved. This has become a popular method used by corporations in eye catching promotional events.

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