Laser Safety

Laserex laser modules are set to the output powers as requested by customers.  We use an Ophir calibrated power meter and all output powers are recorded in the company’s database and linked to the serial number of the laser module.

Our laser modules are compliant with Australia/New Zealand laser safety standards 73/23/EEC – 98/37/EG, 89/336/EEC, EN 50081-1, EN-31252, EN-31252, EN 55022, EN 60825-1 and AS/NZS 2211:1997.

Products such as our laser therapy units will also come with an Aperture Warning Label.

Due to the potential harmful effects of staring into a laser beam, caution must be taken when using a laser device.  NEVER stare into a laser beam directly or indirectly.  Under NO circumstances is a laser product to be shone into the direction of someone’s eyes.

All Laserex laser products come with the correct labeling either Caution or Danger labels in accordance with the output power of the product in question.  The Laser Safety Class also appears on the label accompanying the product.

Visit the following link to read more about Laser Safety Classifications.

Laserex stocks a wide range of laser safety eyewear suitable for use with laser products that are not eye safe.  Please visit the Laser Safety Eyewear page for more details.

Safety Labels