Laser Solutions



Laserex was approached by the multi national corporation ABB in China to manufacture, align and test a series of laser modules for use in their FO Optics block.  This product is used in paper mills to monitor the alignment of paper fibres on paper rolls in ABB’s manufacturing plant.  Integrated pulp and paper mills are complex systems.  Any disturbance at one stage can lead to losses in production, poor quality product and material wastage.  The paper mills operate at extreme speeds, hence a rugged reliable laser and optical solution was required by the customer. 

The precise alignment and focusing of 3 laser modules was critical in the FO Optics block.  The components included a flexible board, precision head with a close focus required for the laser modules.  In order to reduce the amount of reflection present, Laserex sourced a military standard non-reflective special black paint to coat the block.

The complex nature of the project required detailed consultation between both Laserex’s and ABB’s Engineers enabling a solution that met the customer’s requirements.  Laserex’s specialized skills in optics, design and an experienced R&D team enabled a solution that met the customer’s requirements. 

ABB approached many companies around the world; however Laserex was the only company whose technical skills, knowledge and experience allowed for an effective solution.  The product is now performing exceptionally well ensuring increase throughput and a decrease in wastage along with improvements in efficiency in the paper mill plant’s operations.

Brooks Automation


Brooks Automation, a world wide leader of automation solutions for numerous markets required a laser module as a solution in their semiconductor manufacturing operations.  Laserex developed the PCB mounted LDM-1 Laser Module that comes with a variable focus lens with either the option for either pins or flying leads. 

The versatile & rugged nature of this laser module enables its use in very confined spaces.  The LDM-1 measures 10mm x 12mm x 13mm.  The LDM-1 can also come with a line generator (Standard, Machined and Uniform Intensity) or Cross Hair attached.  The LDM-1 is available in all common wavelength and power options.

The extreme reliability of the LDM-1 has been proven overtime having now been used for over 15 years by Brooks Automation.  Visit the following link to read more about  the LDM-1 Laser Module.

This is yet another example of Laserex’s Custom Solutions capabilities, working together with clients to develop a solution that meets and exceeds their expectations.



Laserex recently designed a series of prototypes for the multinational company Thales for use in defence.  These products were the Single Laser Aimer and Dual Laser Aimer and were designed in accordance to the specifications requested by Thales.  The products are available in visible red (aimer) or infrared aimer beam and are compact in size, weighing <200g (for single aimer, <300g for Dual Laser Aimer). 

The units mount onto the NATO 4694 accessory rail and are powered by one AA battery.  Both products were extensively tested by Thales at the Puckapunyal rifle range and found to perform exceptionally well over very long distances.  These laser pointer and illumination devices are ideal for laser aiming, illumination as well target identification & surveillance operations.

The above are examples of Laserex’s laser solutions capabilities.

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