Laser Therapy Treatment Pictures

Dog treated with laser therapy   Dog treated with laser therapy  

   Before Laser Treatment                                                     After Laser Treatment

The above pictures were taken of a dog who had laser treatment on an open wound.  The pictures clearly indicate the benefits of using laser therapy to treat injured animals.

The Veterinarian introduced a laser therapy treatment program that resulted in the healing of the wound.  This resulted in the healing effects associated with laser therapy being successfully used to bring about a rapid healing response.

The pictures speak for themselves and highlight the advanced technology laser therapy brings to the fore when used to treat injuries of this nature.

The Laser 3000 can be used to treat injuries of this nature and bring about a positive improvident in the health of the animal.  Vets, owners and trainers alike are impressed with the healing properties this treatment modality has and its wide acceptance in the veterinary community in general.

The NEW Laser 3000 is a portable, powerful, professional, programmable handheld laser therapy unit that is ideal for treating injured racehorses, greyhounds as well as other animals.

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