Laserex Technologies

Laserex Technologies

Laserex Technologies design and manufacture high quality laser diode systems for industrial, commercial, medical and defence customers.

Laserex Technologies Pty. Ltd is an Australian Company located in Adelaide, South Australia. Our facilities are located in the Adelaide CBD.

Laserex Technologies has been committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative, high quality Laser Products and Custom Solutions for over 30 years.

High standards

Our products are in use throughout the World in an extensive range of industrial, commercial, medical and defence applications and environments.  Laserex’s products are engineered to the highest standards and are designed to last.

ISO 9001

Laserex has been manufacturing and exporting lasers world wide since 1985.  Over that time we have gained a world-wide reputation for high quality products and excellent levels of customer service.

We are an ISO-9001 Quality Assured company.  Our products have stood the test of time and represent excellent value for money in terms of performance, reliability and price.

Engineering Team

Our engineering team has expertise in electronic, optical, laser and mechanical design and our Prototyping facility offers you a fast turnaround development capability.