Process Involved

Clients of Laserex expect a meticulous and attentive response when approaching us for product development. Recognising the need for second to none service in project solutions, Laserex Technologies has gained a reputation for providing thorough, responsive and dynamic support throughout the entire duration of our customised process. By choosing the Laserex team to assist you in realising the production of your laser application, you are choosing to work with a team, which prioritises your goal.

laser design process
We can help with projects of every type, regardless of size. With design brief archives ranging in prototypes which miniscule in scale or those of the largest proportions, our state of the art technology and professional experience in the industry ensures success and satisfaction in all our clientele. The Laserex R&D team develop with you and assist in defining your product requirements in order to achieve the optimum solutions for your project specification. Laserex Technologies also recognises your need for confidential agreement in all matters regarding customised solutions, so you can be confident of our promise to contain all classified information regarding your unique product.

Design Specification

Following the initial assessment of your needs by our Custom Solutions team, we document the specifications and key characteristics of the design to ensure the paramount- we leave no room for guesswork to take place and your brief is prioritised to ensure your needs are clearly understood.

Value Analysis

We place a particular emphasis on ensuring availability of the parts, cost of production and produceability are all aligned with your specifications, eliminating the unexpected during the production of your custom project.

Product Design

Reviewing your design, we use state of the art CAE and CAD resources. Our Custom Solutions team come together to form a solid network of industry expertise offering the best in electronics, laser, and optical and mechanical design.

Prototype Fabrication

We manufacture several prototypes to ensure form, fit and function. These prototypes may be the first models of your project available to be used for marketing and promotional services, which is very useful in demonstrating the product to potential users.

Product Evaluation and Testing

All Laserex products are rigorously tested and evaluated, then trialled to ensure they will meet your needs and the essential legislative requirements, including laser safety standards, CE Marketing and FDA approval.