Diodes & Optics

Best laser diodes and optics on the market!

Laserex Technologies manufactures and supplies quality laser diode and optic products and solutions for clientele all over the world. We can assist you in finding effective solutions for your entire laser project needs, and we stock an all-inclusive range of laser diodes and optics which we can have delivered in 24-48 hours!

Our extensive range of laser diodes and optics is competitively priced and is guaranteed to meet only the highest expectations and standards. The Laserex brand is favoured by professionals in medical and defence force sectors right through to the entertainment field and far beyond in commercial and industrial industries.

Leading Range

With a full range of both plastic and glass lenses in our diode product collection. Also available in our world-class stock are supplies of flat and spherical lenses, prisms, cubes wedges and windows along with endless other options, exhausting any component options and eclipsing the competition in laser technology and accessories available on line.

When you need something special

For those requiring specific laser and optic diode applications, Laserex Technologies make the most complex configurations possible using our rapid prototyping facilities and our second–to-none customer service. Our highly sought after assistance is the go-to for professional applications of laser technologies all over the world, and you can be sure our diligent R&D team are able to work with you from the beginning stages of your brief to the end product, with maximum satisfaction as the end result.

Our laser specialists are contactable for further discussion as to which products are best suited to your needs, and how we can assist you in the developing of your upcoming projects. Call us today to learn more about how our state of the art tailoring system can be used to achieve any unique technology requirements you may have regarding your laser diode and optic needs.