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All your laser accessories covered

Laserex Technologies also design and manufacture a broad range of laser accessories. Laserex can help you with analogue receivers in a range of sensitivities, and of course digital receivers in a variety of optical threshold levels. Our module mounts will suit almost any application, but we can also work with you to produce high quality custom designs for almost any specific requests you might have.

We offer a wide range of AC-DC power Supplies with an input voltage range of between 12-32 VDC, and our AC Adaptor is suitable for powering our entire range of Laser Diode Modules, Diode Pumped Solid State Modules and Laser Receivers. Our compact switched battery pack is suitable for use with our endless range of Laser Diode Modules.

Laserex Technologies are able to work with you in choosing products and accessories that offer real solutions to your unique laser needs. If you require premium laser accessories at an affordable rate with speedy shipment, please browse our online store or contact us for more information regarding your accessory needs.

Because Safety is so important

Laserex know safety products, which is why we choose to design and manufacture them right here ourselves. We put into practise the very specifications and considerations our clientele request and compile them to develop high quality, effective and comfortable safety accessories.

Exceeding legislative standards in the majority of laser practises, our range of eyewear provides critical protection and support to you during application. Our safety glasses, which are CE Marked and labelled with optical densities and wavelength ranges. Our Enhancer Spectacles increase visibility and the range of red laser light by approximately three times. We recommend using them when applying red diode lasers for alignment and in positioning outdoors. All our eyewear is light and ultimately, very comfortable for the wearer.

Have it delivered to your door

With shipment options making your purchase available to you within 48 hours, individual orders can be processed and delivered to you in double time, with convenience, quality and a comprehensive range of products at your choice. Our entire range is Quality Assured and manufactured by legislative standards, and you can be sure your purchase of our quality accessory range is of the highest standard available.

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