Laser Sights & Mounts

LS-700 Laser Sight
Laserex Technologies laser sights are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards to provide you with the best sight available. Our laser sights are suited from the most dedicated professional and the most committed recreational shooter, right down to beginners. Our sights include technologies that offer pinpoint accuracy and precision, such as our LS-700. One of the most accurate laser sights in the world, the LS-700 is available along with a range of high quality standard sight lasers in our online store.

The LS-700 supersedes the highly successful LS-800 laser sight in terms of performance, with a 635nm ultra-bright diode, and comes at the same price!

Also developed under the suggestions of industry professionals, our selection of sight mounts covers most configurations and perform beautifully with our in-house laser sight technologies.

New Green Laser Sight – GLS-520

Laserex has recently developed a Green Laser Sight.  To read more about this product, please visit the following link, GLS-520 Green Laser Sight and download the GLS-520 Brochure with Technical Specifications. 

The GLS-520 Green Laser Sight is a technologically superior laser sight to others available on the market as it utilizes laser diode technology rather than the crystal based lasers.  The GLS-520 Green Laser Sight operates in a wide temperature range (-15C – 60C) with a stable output power and is 5 times brighter than red laser sights.

Military Laser of Choice

Laserex laser sights are known for accuracy and precision and reliability. Our rigorous Quality Control department ensure our products are tested, trialled and run through the gamut before we are satisfied they are good enough for our clientele. Our products are trusted and relied upon in the industry the world over and as a Quality Assured company, you can be assured that your decision to purchase a Laserex sight laser is a decision to make a purchase of high quality, industry grade technology.

Laserex has developed the LS-900 Laser Sight and the LS-1000 Dual Aiming Laser.  To read more about these exciting new products and their specifications, please visit the OEM Laser Sights page.

Most Advanced Technology

Laserex is committed to using only the most developed and updated technology in sighting and continues to develop this reputation for excellence among clients around the globe. Having worked closely with industry professionals during the initial stages of design and development right through to manufacture in creating our sights, Laserex is confident of these accomplishments in continuing to produce the most advanced and effective sights available.