Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

The Laserex brand is responsible for the developing interest and engagement in applying laser technology as a viable and worthwhile form of pain management and rehabilitation from injury. As the effective nature of laser therapy continues to gain avid following in therapeutic field, Laserex laser therapy products can be found in veterinary practices all over the world.

Laser Therapy Product Overview

Recognising the need for greater availability in standard laser therapy units, Laserex have answered the call for quality products to be made available, in a simple purchase made online in a standard laser package. Following countless hours of briefing and discussion with some of the worlds most influential trainers and leaders in the industry, our technologies were combined with these requests in order to create products that are simple to use, highly portable, sleek in design and most importantly of all, relied on for outstanding results. Combining the specifications, constraints and considerations of clients in the veterinary industry over a number of years, Laserex Technologies was able to compile these suggestions and make modifications to the end products, which are now available to professionals all over the globe.

Most advanced lasers on the market

The very same Laserex lasers used in acupuncture systems and applications in laser therapy all over the world are also available for you to buy, at your convenience in our online store. Laserex Technologies are able to provide you with standard lasers for laser therapy in a simple online purchase. Available online for shipment within 24-48 hours of payment, our high-quality lasers continue to show innovation in the combining of new technology and highly effective modalities of treatment in acupuncture laser therapy.

Laserex is committed to the exploration of new and groundbreaking practices and technologies in the field of low level laser therapy treatment. We look forward to the developments in laser therapy treatment and future opportunities to represent these fields with our dedicated team and our state of the art technology.

Custom Laser Therapy Units

Laserex can custom design, develop and manufacture a laser therapy unit to your specifications.  Contact our Custom Solutions Team for more details.