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With this rapidly advancing technology at the forefront of change in the way animals are treated in the veterinary industry, Laserex is pleased to receive the positive and encouraging feedback and clinical trials regarding our products in veterinary service.  With combined results showing an overall improvement in the vast majority of case study injuries, low-level laser therapy has been shown to be highly responsive in both short term and long term recovery.

Summary of Clinical Testing and Trials

Over 1000 clinical and laboratory trials in medical journals prove that cold lasers can heal hard and soft tissue as well as providing pain relief, reducing inflammation.  The added bonus with laser therapy is that there are no side effects associated with drugs and it is far more cost effective.

Veterinary Economics business survey placed laser therapy as the number 1 service that vets will be adding to their practices.  This again highlights the importance of this treatment modality for treating injured animals.

Clinical trials using GaAlAs to treat horses showed significantly positive results in the testing and trialling of LLLT for chronic inflammation of the tendon and/ or ligaments.

The conclusion: Its effective!

The study concluded that the clinical application of LLLT applied with as acupuncture technique was an effective and non invasive solution for improvement and management of pain in injured equines, finding that such application was effective in suppressing symptomatic pain and improving inflammatory reaction, most considerably in acute and mild cases.