How it works

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Laser Therapy and Equine Laser

Low Level Laser Therapy, known as both LLLT for short and also sometimes Cold Laser Therapy, continues to become a popular mode of treatment among veterinary chiropractors and alternative vet medicals due to its high success rate when used for treatment.  The rapid healing properties of laser therapy are being appreciated by Veterinarians as well as other practitioners in order to assist with treating injured animals.

Laser therapy for example is used to treat acupuncture points safely and effectively.  Large muscle groups as found in musculoskeletal injuries are also ideally treated through laser therapy.

This is where the Laser 3000™ is very useful as the unit can be used either with a single head (ideal for acupuncture points) or cluster head (large muscle groups) containing 3 lasers.  The Laser 3000™ can operate either in Continuous Wave mode or one of  7 pulsed Nogier frequencies.

With many practitioners electing to apply the technology through acupuncture points, here laser therapy is particularly effective given that it is a non-invasive treatment and unlike traditional acupuncture where a very fine needle is inserted into the skin, it is without need for sharps or rupturing instruments.

Why Laser Therapy?

The Results

Based on the results driven from studies focusing on cellular perspective, LLLT can decrease the incidence of inflammation and pain. This appears to be related to how the body perceives and responds to the cortisol hormone, the pain messenger. In the face of treating causal injury, laser therapy works by stimulating the regeneration of damaged tissue.

Encouraging more rapid repair and recovery rate LLLT looks like a most viable and worthwhile form of treatment in any veterinary practise. So what physiological changes take place when LLLT is administered? The distinctive effects of laser therapy have been known to include but are not limited to:

  • Pain relief following release of serotonin hormone
  • Increased circulation
  • Increased lymphatic results
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Cell production in connective tissue
  • Cell production in cartilaginous tissue

It’s tested and proven medical device

Laser therapy is a safe and thoroughly researched practise, which has been shown to provide true relief from symptomatic pain and physical injury from a broad range of causes and conditions.  The laser penetrates deep into the muscle tissue (around 5cm for infrared lasers) encouraging blood flow to the damaged tissue as well as healing injured cells.  The Laser 3000™ is a portable, powerful, professional handheld laser therapy unit ideally suited to treating injured horses, greyhounds as well as other animals.