Application – Horses & Greyhounds

Greyhound Laser Laser for greyhounds

Lasers for Horses & Greyhounds

The use of laser therapy to treat the existence of chronic pain found very commonly in racing horses and dogs is proving itself as a viable, effective and adaptable method of treatment in an industry where the health of the animal is very often jeopardised by straining injuries, at a great cost to the animals quality of life and at the expense of the trainers and professionals who treat the animals.

Laserex Technologies have provided a range of highly effective and powerful units for application in laser acupuncture by world renown trainers in these fields, and for good reason when we review just some of the encouraging benefits and effects our products have encountered in the industry.

Horses & greyhounds respond very well to laser therapy as evidenced by numerous clinical trials and research papers.

Inflammation and Swelling

Initially used to treat the prevalence of wounds and scars, the nature of laser therapy makes it highly effective in treating inflammation, swelling and wounds. Laserex Technologies released our highly anticipated product Laser 3000 following the recommendations made by trainers of both greyhounds and horses with staggering results in popularity and support for our product. Using the Laserex Technologies Laser 3000, the chronic pain associated with strain injuries reported a significant reduction in pain and symptomatic pain response. Injuries include but are not limited to a rapid rate of healing in distressing conditions listed below:

  • Healing damaged tendons
  • Minimising inflammation in sprained joints and encouraging faster healing
  • Healing bruises and contusions
  • Healing injury to ligaments
  • Rejuvenation of cells

Equine Bowen therapists in Australia use the Laser 3000 to treat a broad variety of discomforts ranging from muscle soreness to scars and wound healing in horses and quote the Laser 3000 to be “A beneficial tool to use on a professional level”. Also a leading Australian greyhound trainer incorporated the use of the Laser 3000, quoting that dogs treated with the Laser 3000 were seen to be making “a very good recovery”.

With these encouraging results surfacing in the release of the Laser 3000, Laserex continues to receive positive feedback and success stories in relation to the application of this increasingly reliable and effective form of veterinary treatment.