Technical Overview

Picture2  Laser-with-heads

A highly anticipated solution to the feedback and discussions held with many trainers and professionals in the field of veterinary therapies, Laserex lasers are recognised as high quality, effective and durable products, capable of initiating significant recovery in injured animals, most notably in the recovery of greyhounds and horses.

With soft touch buttons and light up OLED screen, the Laser 3000 is as visually impressive as it is effective, with wide operational choices in using a single head or a cluster diode from the same base unit.

Perfect for use in the office or on the field, the Laser 3000 has all the performance required at an affordable price when it comes to this rapidly advancing merger in the fields of technology and non-invasive therapies.

With a laser class of 3B, the Laser 3000 is fully compliant with International safety Standards and is FDA approved for the Veterinary market.


  • Laser Wavelengths available: 635nm, 650nm, 660nm, 670nm, 785nm, 808nm, 830nm, 850nm, 904nm
  • Laser Output Power: 5mW-450mW (depending on the Laser Diode used)
  • Laser Class: 3b
  • Size:  205mm x 90mm x 50mm
  • Weight: 340g (including batteries)
  • General:  Battery Type 4 x 1.2 Volt AA NiMH (No memory) Battery life 8 hours continuous use

The Laser 3000™ is one of the best performing and competitively priced veterinary lasers available on the market. Ideal for treating both large and small muscle groups found in both greyhounds and horses, the output powers ensure the laser beam penetrates deep into the muscle tissue relieving pain and promoting healing.

A Technical Overview of the Laser 3000:


Output Power

Single Heads

1 x 658nm 30mW
1 x 808nm 300mW
1 x 830nm 35mW
1 x 904nm 70mW
1 x 850nm 45mW

Cluster Heads

3 x 658nm 90mW
3 x 808nm 450mW
3 x 830nm 105mW
3 x 904nm 210mW
3 x 850nm 135mW

The Laser 3000 is adaptable in design, making it possible to purchase new heads, which attach to the base unit the device is initially purchased with.