L3000 L3001

Don’t just listen to us…

With notable successes reported back to Laserex by some of the world’s leading trainers and owners of racing dogs and horses, Laser 3000 has received a catalogue of extremely positive reviews in the wake of it’s release in early 2013.

We followed the story of the New Zealand greyhound She Rocks, who sustained injury to a strained tendon in her back leg. Following the treatment plan suggested by Paula Stone of Stone Groups Laser Technologies, laser therapy was administered to She Rocks injured leg in the days previous to the race, and to the delight of all parties concerned, She Rocks showed more than promising recovery by coming second in her race.

Glowing Feedback…

Laserex has also received truly wonderful feedback following the recovery of Sufficient, the racehorse owned by the Wallace Group, also in New Zealand. Sufficient was treated for ligament injury in the front right leg, and with Laser Therapy treatment also suggested by Paula Stone, the horse was shown via scans to have made an incredible recovery. Sufficient’s treatment schedule ran the course of several weeks and was administered using a single 808nm 300mW head, and also the 658nm 90mW cluster head to the affected area. Our feedback reports also give a positive review of Laser 3000 based on the treatment of a major racehorse in Sweden, also running second following the treatment of her racing injury.

There are numerous customer testimonials received by satisfied customers who are using the Laser 3000 to treat their horse or greyhound.

Global Recognition…

Laserex’s Laser 3000 is also achieving excellent results in the USA, in using tendon and ligament damage also observed in racehorses. Favoured by Thomas Rummell, from Equine Therapy products, Laser 3000 had received and excellent report under the observation of his 27 years of experience. Laserex has also discussed the effectiveness of our product with UK based Wendy Lloyd –Roberts in the treatment of her racehorses, describing the unit as a “brilliant product”.

An acclaimed thoroughbred broodmare farm in Australia is also finding the integration of Laser 3000 a successful venture. Adapting required the treatment of animals by incorporating laser therapy into existing injuries both significant and minor in category, positive results have been noted in the healing response of haematomas, swelling and splints.

Incorporating this groundbreaking technology into the treatment of animals includes the care administered by a top Australian Equine Therapist who has claimed the Laser 3000 to be “a beneficial tool to use on a professional level. To date I have received positive comments when using the laser in conjunction with deep muscle therapy”.