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Introducing the Laserex Blog

Laserex wishes to announce the launch of its very first blog about the company. Here you will be able to read about OEM projects the company is working on and the specific skills Laserex used to manufacture a custom laser solution. Pictures and comprehensive case studies will also be covered. To view Laserex’s Blog, please visit »

LS-1000 Dual Laser Aiming Device

Laserex recently developed the LS-1000 Laser Aimer. The LS-1000 Dual Aiming Lasers is a compact, lightweight technologically advanced product combining a Visible Laser, Infrared Laser and an IR Illuminator in the one rugged, package. The Dual Aiming Laser is designed for mounting on the STANAG 4694 rail. The unit is available in both combat (up to 35mW) and training (<1mW) modes. The LS-1000 is... »

LS-900 Laser Sight

Laserex has recently developed the LS-900 Laser Sight. The LS-900 Laser Sight is mountable on the STANAG 4694 rail.  The compact design and high performance features of the LS-900 make it an ideal accessory for use in a variety of environments.  Featuring switchable combat (up to 35mW) and training modes (<1mW), the rugged and robustly designed LS-900 laser sight can be used either in day time ... »

Introducing the Laser 3000 Blog

Laser 3000™ Veterinary Laser Portable, Powerful, Professional Handheld laser therapy unit The Laser 3000™ Veterinary Laser is ideal for treating injured greyhounds and horses. The Laser 3000™ is available in either visible or infrared wavelengths and is used to treat injured tendons, ligaments and muscles. Lasrex Technologies has a blog dedicated to the Laser 3000 which you can view by clicking th... »

Laserex launches new look website

You may have noticed a few changes with Laserex recently, such as our brand new website with online shop for the easy purchase of our standard laser products. We may look different on the outside, but on the inside we haven’t changed. The same first-rate service, the same great product knowledge and the highest quality workmanship and a dedication to remaining the best in our field. The aim ... »