Low Level Laser Therapy

What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) involves the use of red or near infrared lasers on injured muscles, tendons, ligaments to improve healing, reducing chronic and acute pain.

Being a Class 3B Low Level Cold Laser, the Laser 3000 reduces inflammation, whilst increasing the speed, tensile strength and quality of tissue repair.  Unlike Classs 4 Lasers, there is no heating associated with using the Laser 3000.

The laser penetrates deep into the muscle tissue providing rapid pain relief.  This is just one of the benefits of using cold laser therapy to treat injured animals.

Similar to the photosynthesis that occurs in plants, the effects of LLLT are photochemical.  When the correct dosage and wavelength is used, the resulting effect is an improvement in cell metabolism, reducing inflamed muscles.

Soft tissue injuries, often found in greyhounds and horses respond very well to LLLT treatment.  Low Intensity Laser Therapy is used to treat suspensory ligament injuries as well as laminitis in horses.

Low level laser therapy is used to treat hock injuries, fetlock and pastern injuries as well as inflamed and sprained joints in greyhounds.

As the Laser 3000 is <500mW output power, it is a low intensity laser therapy device that delivers accurate dosages required to assist with the healing process in injured animals.

Being a healing laser, the Laser 3000 is a professional product that is ideal for owners, trainers and vets who require a reliable low level  laser to use either out on the track or in the stable or kennel.

Cold Laser Therapy is increasingly used by Universities for research purposes as well as Vets in private practice, gaining the benefit of low laser therapy to safely and effectively heal injuries.

A low level laser is an important tool that is essential for anyone serious about the health and welfare of their animals.  From racehorses, to greyhounds, as well as cats and other animals have all shown improvements in their health when treated with a low level laser.

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