LS-1000 Dual Laser Aiming Device

LS-1000-5 LS-1000-4

Laserex recently developed the LS-1000 Laser Aimer.

The LS-1000 Dual Aiming Lasers is a compact, lightweight technologically advanced product combining a Visible Laser, Infrared Laser and an IR Illuminator in the one rugged, package. The Dual Aiming Laser is designed for mounting on the STANAG 4694 rail.

The unit is available in both combat (up to 35mW) and training (<1mW) modes. The LS-1000 is a sophisticated laser sight that can be used either with or without night vision eyewear, providing excellent performance. The coaligned laser modules (Vis and IR) enable for quick and accurate visual identification of targets during daytime or at night.

Compact, rugged, lightweight, and easy to use, the LS-1000 comes with a focusable IR illuminator, giving a distinct advantage to users requiring a superior performing product that performs exceptionally well in demanding environments.  The IR Illuminator enables users to see targets through night scopes in complete darkness and from long distances.

The LS-1000 provides one of the best engineered, manufactured, designed and tested Dual Aiming Lasers on the market.

Features of the LS-1000:

  • Co-aligned laser modules
  • Easily interchangeable laser modules in the field
  • Laser Selector and Power Selector switch
  • Combat mode (up to 35mW) and training modes (<1mW)
  • Module selector switch
  • Option of push button on/off or switch cable
  • <0.3mrad Beam Divergence
  • Operates off one CR123A battery providing up to 4 hours continuous use at full power
  • Australian designed and manufactured

Options Available

  • Visible Aiming Laser (Red 660nm) up to15mW and IR Aimer (830nm) up to 35mW
  • Infrared Laser Aimer (830nm) up to 35mW and IR Illuminator (835nm) up to 35mW
  • Visible Aimer (Red 660nm) up to 15mW and IR Illuminator (835nm) up to 35mW

To read more about this exciting new product download the Brochure and Technical Spcifications

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