Machine Vision Lasers

Laser Modules for use in Machine Vision

Machine vision lasers provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for such applications as process control, automatic inspection, industrial inspection and robot guidance in industry.  In so doing, improvements in products quality, processes efficiency and safety are achieved.

Lasers used in machine vision applications automatically detect and reject defective products as well as irregularities in materials.  Examples of areas where machine vision is used include packaging inspection, automatic PCB inspection as well as the inspection of labels on products, to name a few.

There are numerous applications where machine vision is used to significantly increase the sorting process eg mail sorting as well as grading timber and recycling materials.

Automobile assembly lines use machine vision systems in robotics that act as 3D guiding systems inserting car parts.

Structured light lasers eg line generators or other pattern generators are used to detect non-conforming parts.  Light images that are reflected are analyzed with data collected by image processing systems identifying possible defects.

Laserex’s laser modules are ideal for machine vision applications due to their rugged, reliable nature, long Mean Time To Failures and stable output powers.  The end result of using a laser for machine vision is a higher throughput occurring with resultant lower operating costs.

Laserex’s range of Uniform Intensity Line Generators are available in all common fan angles. Having a homogeneous power distribution makes them ideal for machine vision and image processing applications by providing an accurate, highly visible line laser without any ‘noise’ associated with standard line generators.  Our laser modules are also available with cross-hairs or standard dots either elliptical or circular in shape.

Laserex’s Machine Vision Lasers are developed to operate in the most demanding conditions including at rapid speeds, enabling the effective handling of the most demanding OEM applications. Laserex is able to provide custom solutions to meet custom specifications.

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