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Manufacturing Quality Laser Diode Modules and Solutions

Laserex Technologies an ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Assured Company operates its manufacturing operations in Adelaide, South Australia.  The well equipped facility is ideally suited to manufacturing custom laser solutions to customer specifications as well as our standard of the shelf laser modules, laser therapy units, laser sights and laser pointers.

A dedicated, experienced and well trained production staff is employed to manufacture products in-house that are of the highest quality and are engineered to last.

Our commitment to producing quality products that perform to the strictest of criteria makes Laserex the company people approach for when looking for a custom solution.

Our manufacturing facilities are where quality laser diode modules and solutions are designed, manufactured and then exported to all corners of the globe.  This is where Laserex is well positioned in the marketplace as it responds rapidly to customer inquiries, gathering all the necessary technical information and then comes up with a well engineered solution.

The rapid turnaround time at Laserex’s manufacturing facility makes Laserex a well respected company in the laser and optics filed resulting in many well known companies around the world entrusting their design concepts with our company.  Laserex is in the business of manufacturing quality products to customer specifications. Where some companies have a Minimum Order Quantity policy with customer orders, this is not the case with Laserex.  Whether you require one sample to begin with or 1000 or more, we are happy to manufacture a laser solution for you.

Laserex’s technical and sales staff are available to discuss your requirements either through email or on the phone at mutually convenient times.

Laserex’s manufacturing facility contains the following:

  • 3D CAD design software
  • Beam profiler
  • Wavelength measurement equipment
  • Prototyping section
  • Alignment jigs
  • Focusing area

This allows Laserex to have a competitive advantage when it comes to manufacturing custom OEM laser solutions.

Contact Laserex for your next custom solution.  We look forward to working together with you.