Pointing and Illumination

LDM-5 Diode Laser Module

LDM-5 Laser Module is Used in Pointing and Illumination Applications

Laserex provides an extensive range of laser modules for defence, military and law enforcement applications.  Our Laser Diode Modules are available in either visible or infrared wavelengths with high output powers and operate in all common temperature environments.

Laser modules are used to assist in aiming at targets, thus improving accuracy.  A visible red or infrared beam is used to identify a designated target.

Laser application examples:

  • Laser Range Finder
  • Target Illuminator
  • Laser Aimer
  • Pointing and Illumination

Laserex’s laser diode modules are designed for target illumination and designation.  The modules have a highly accurate pointing stability of <0.3mrad (LDM-5) and can withstand vibration.  Laserex’s laser modules are rugged, reliable, versatile and operational in the harshest of environments.  The LDM-5 measures 37mm x 11mm and comes with a high quality glass lens, producing a round spot (>0.9 circularity) and is ideal for applications requiring a circular spot.

The versatile nature of the the LDM-5 enables it to be supplied in the LS-900 or LS-1000 package in a water and dustproof housing.

Defense laser module applications include:

  • Laser / red dot sight
  • Night vision equipment
  • Target designation
  • Illumination

Laserex’s LDM-4 laser module is also suitable for use in military applications.  Please visit the following link to read more about the LDM-4 Laser Module.

Laserex can custom design a laser module for your particular application.  With close to 30 years experience in lasers and design, Laserex is your expert in the manufacture of quality OEM lasers, optical and electro-mechanical design.

Contact our Custom Solutions Team for further information.