Military Lasers

LDM-4 Laser Module

LDM-4 Laser Module is Used in Military Lasers

The LDM-4 laser module is tested to military standards and is available in numerous configurations.  The laser module has a <0.75mrad beam divergence and can withstand shock when used as a laser sight or as part of the LS-900 or LS-1000 Laser Sight (see brochures for further information).

These are examples of OEM solutions designed for a customer requiring a military laser.

The unit measures 25mm x 11mm and can come either with Continuous Wave or pulsed frequencies.  The LDM-4 is available either in visible red or IR wavelengths in numerous output powers.

Operating in common temperature ranges, the LDM-4 is an ideal solution for OEM applications requiring a rugged, robust laser module.

Laser Application Examples:

  • Laser Pointer / Aiming device
  • Laser Gun Sight
  • Target identification

Laserex’s LDM-5 laser module is also suitable for use in military applications.  Please visit the following link to read more about the LDM-5 Laser Module.

Laserex can custom design a laser module for your particular application.  With close to 30 years experience in lasers and design, Laserex is your expert in the manufacture of quality OEM lasers, optical and electro-mechanical design.

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