Optical & Electro-Mechanical Design

OEM Custom Lasers

World Leading Custom Design Manufacturer

Laserex Technologies, a world leading manufacturer of custom OEM Laser Systems has proven time and time again to be the right company to approach for laser solutions.  Our experienced Engineering and R&D product development teams have many years of extensive experience dealing on numerous projects involving Optical & Electro-Mechanical Design.

Our expertise is in manufacturing products to customer specifications.  These are where Laserex’s defined skill set comes to the fore.  From the design stage through to concept, prototype and then a production run, Laserex works together with the customer to design, develop, test and manufacture a quality product that is designed to last.

Laserex Technologies is committed to providing innovative products of the highest quality and delivering superior performance, features and durability to all customers.  The Laserex engineering team has developed an extensive range of innovative, award winning industrial, defence, medical and consumer products over the past 30 years at the company’s manufacturing facility in Adelaide, Australia.

Laserex Technologies’ products are exported world-wide to markets such as Asia, the Middle-East, Europe, Africa, the Americas and Canada.

Design & Development

The combination of design, manufacturing and service means Laserex Technologies has turned many co-manufacturing opportunities into successful products.  The Engineering team can work with you to find a solution to your problem, develop a product to meet your needs and manufacture that product to meet your delivery schedule.

Companies that have taken advantage of our design and manufacturing capabilities include BHP, Polaroid Corp., Eastman Kodak Co., Proxima Corp., InFocus System Inc., FN Herstal, British Aerospace Australia, Royal Adelaide Hospital and Omnitronics Pty Ltd.

Laserex is the manufacturer companies approach when looking for a custom solution.

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