Positioning Laser

OEM Laser Module  Positioning Laser

Laserex Laser Modules are Used as Positioning Lasers

The Laserex Technologies standard laser diode modules with line generating optics are used by many of the world’s leading saw and paper mill manufacturers.

The line generators are used to produce a high quality Gaussian or uniform intensity laser line. The line is easily visible by operators in most lighting conditions, allowing timber to be positioned for cutting or grading.  Our range of laser line generators are available either in red or green wavelengths.

The use of a line generator in a saw or paper mill greatly reduces waste as the saw is accurately aligned with the wood or paper roll.  This results in increased throughput and efficiency making it a win-win solution for all parties.  Laserex’s laser modules and line generators are used as a positioning laser in many saw and paper mills around the world.

Line generators are commonly used for material inspection. A sheet of material e.g. aluminum, steel, plastic etc can be scanned using a laser line. By viewing the reflected line an observer or an optical receiver can detect if there are any imperfections in the material.

Positioning lasers are critical for use in many OEM applications.  This is where Laserex’s laser modules provide cost effective, reliable solutions.

Laserex’s wide range of line generators are available in all common fan angles and can come either as Standard, Machined or Uniform Intensity.

Laserex Technologies also supplies a range of suitable mounting systems, making it easy to mount the laser and line generator in convenient locations.

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