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Research and Development Lasers

Manufacturers of Lasers Used in Research and Development

Laserex Technologies’s laser diode modules are used in many R&D projects. Laser diodes are now a viable alternative HeNe lasers.  Some of the advantages of using laser diodes instead of HeNe are lower operating temperature and power consumption, as well as the lower cost.

Our laser modules and custom designs are in use world wide in many far ranging applications and industries from medical to defense, educational, scientific to name a few.

Researchers are always looking at improvements and using advancements in technology.  With the ever increasing role of lasers in society, Laserex is able to assist those seeking a cost effective solution to their application.

Our experienced team will work together with you to design and develop a suitable product that meets your expectations.  Universities, Research Institutes and Technology Departments around the world have sought Laserex’s advice and skills in developing a custom solution for use in their field.  With the rapidly changing world we live in, where today’s concept is tomorrow’s me too product, lasers are constantly being used in numerous applications.

This is where the Laserex’s laser modules are used for those requiring a high quality line, spot or cross-hair.  Perhaps your application is one where we need to start with a blank sheet of paper, with just a concept to begin with.  That’s fine, as this is where Laserex’s design team will assist you with your technical, design and specification requirements.

Whatever the application may be, Laserex can assist those in the Research and Development field by using its extensive knowledge in lasers, optics and design.  No matter what your application may be, if it involves lasers and optics, Laserex will endeavor to come up with the right product with the right specifications, delivered at the right time.

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