LDM-1 Laser Module LDM-1 Laser Module

LDM-1 Laser Module Used in Robotics Applications

The Laserex Technologies LDM-1 micro laser diode module is ideal for use in robotic applications where a very compact laser module is required.  Measuring only 10mm x 12mm x 13mm, the LDM-1 is a high performing, rugged laser module that performs exceptionally well in the most demanding environments.

Due to the confined space requirements in some applications, the LDM-1 is the laser of choice when it comes to a compact laser diode module solution.

This product was initially designed for a company in the US and is still being used 15 years later.  The versatile nature of the LDM-1 has seen its use in numerous OEM applications eg robotics, laser games, 3D mapping and as a guide on laser welding machines, to name a few.

The micro module is PCB mountable and has the option of either a fixed or variable focal lens.  The versatile nature of the LDM-1 enables it to come with line generating optics attached eg standard, machined, cross-hair or Uniform Intensity Line Generators.

The LDM-1 is available either with pins or flying leads.

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