Laser 3000 Single Head 904nm

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Designed & built for veterinary use only.
904nm 70mW.

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Product Description

Laser 3000™ – Portable Powerful, Professional Programmable Handheld Laser

The 904nm Single Head Laser 3000 produces 70mW of output power and is ideal for rapidly healing injuries and reducing pain.  The handheld Single Head Laser 3000 allows for precise aiming of the laser beam onto the injured tissue.

The Laser 3000 is used to treat and heal

• Injured TendonsSingle Head
• Inflamed sprained joints
• Bruises and contusions
Ligament injuries
Metacarpal and bone remodeling

• Hock injuries
Muscle tears and split webbing
Shin soreness and bowed Tendons

The Laser 3000™ is an ideal laser for horses and greyhounds. The design of the unit is such that it can be used effectively as either an equine laser or greyhound laser. The portability of the Laser 3000™ makes it a desirable equine laser therapy or greyhound laser therapy device for the busy Veterinarian, trainer or owner.

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The Laser 3000 Kit contains the following:

• Single Head
• 2 sets of rechargeable batteries
• Battery recharger
• IR viewing card
• Laser Safety Eyewear
• RF Interlock
• User Manual
• Treatment dosages
• PowerPoint presentation

Unlike some veterinary lasers that are bulky, the Laser 3000™ is an ergonomically designed and lightweight veterinary laser, making it ideal for use in treating horses, greyhounds as well as other animals for various pain conditions and injuries.

The Laser 3000 Single Head Product Features:

• Real laser diodes not LEDsLaser 3000
• Rapid healing properties
• Stores up to 14 dosages in unit’s memory
• Penetrates 5cm into muscle tissue (904nm)
• Continuous Wave & Pulsing Frequencies
• 2 year warranty

The Laser 3000™ Single Head 904nm comes with re-chargeable batteries and is attractively packaged in a strong, light carry case.

To ensure compliance with international laser safety standards, the unit comes with a RF interlock which disables the laser when used indoors, thus preventing inadvertent operation.

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Laserex has just introduced the new Laser 3000 Cluster Head version with 3 Infrared diodes and 450mW output power.

Laser 3000 Brochure PDF Download
Laser 3000 User Manual