Single and Cluster Head

Single Head

The Single Head Laser 3000 comes with one 808nm diode producing 300mW of output power.  Being a Class 3B laser, the Laser 3000 is a cold laser and hence does not heat muscle tissue.  Unlike Class 4 lasers that have the potential to burn if incorrectly used, the Laser 3000 is a safe, effective and easy to use product.

Laserex now has a <500mW Single Head Class 3B version of the Laser 3000 available.

The Single Head is ideal for treating small muscle groups as well as Acupuncture points found on greyhounds and horses.  With an infrared laser beam that expands, the single head Laser 3000 penetrates 5cm into the muscle tissue providing rapid pain relief.

Research indicates that low laser therapy units such as the Laser 3000 are the most effective for use in treating injuries found in racehorses, greyhounds as well as other animals.

The healing properties of low level laser therapy are well known with numerous research studies published over the years in well-respected Veterinary journals and publications.

The Australian designed and manufactured Laser 3000 is a rugged, reliable low level laser therapy units that will provide many years of service.

Laserex also has color charts showing Acupuncture treatment points for dogs and horses as well as books and DVDs.  Contact Laserex for further details if you are interested in these.

Single Head 808nm

Cluster Head Laser 3000

The Cluster Head Laser 3000 comes with 3 x 808nm laser diodes producing a total of 450mW of output power.  The unit is ideally suited for treating large muscle groups as found on horses and greyhounds where a wide area can be treated with the one dose.  As the Cluster Head Laser 3000 is a powerful laser, treatment times will be relatively short when compared to other treatment modalities.

The Cluster Head Laser 3000 is also available with 3 x 808nm laser diodes and 1 x 635nm Visible aiming beam.

Cluster head

Programmed units come with a Flowchart taking one through the operational procedure.

Another advantage of the Laser 3000 is the ability to use both heads interchangeably on the same handle.  Contact Laserex if you wish to purchase both single and cluster head.

The Laser 3000 is the perfect tool for the owner, trainer or Vet who wants to effectively manage their animal’s injuries without the need for using drugs that may have harmful side effects. Being a healing laser, the Laser 3000 is the ideal product to use for treating injured animals.

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