Time line of some of Laserex’s Major Achievements

  • 1985 Laserex develops and commercially exploits laser diode technology to become the first company in the world to mass produce hand held laser pointers in the marketplace.
  • 1990 Laserex wins a state government award for technology in developing the LaserTENS 1000, a handheld laser therapy unit combining laser and TENS in a handheld product.  The LaserTENS becomes a successful product that is marketed world wide.
  • 1995 Laserex develops the LDM-1 laser module for Brooks Automation in response to their custom requirements.  This product is still successfully used by the company in their set up to this day.
  • 1997 Laserex develops an internal laser sighting systems for FN in Belgium for the FN P90 gun.  This product was available in both visible and infrared lasers with combat and training operational modes. (The P90 gun is still used by anti-terrorist forces around the world)
  • 2001 Laserex develops the Laser TENS 2000 series of laser therapy units – LaserTENS 2000Vis and 2000IR as well as an AcuLaser built on the success of the LaserTENS 1000
  • 2001 Laserex develops the LS-100 laser sight.  This becomes an overnight success and soon becomes the #1 laser sight in Australia.  Further versions of this product were released in coming years- the LS500, LS-700, LS-700IR and LS-800.
  • 2002 Laserex works together with and develops a laser module for Lazersafe, an Australian manufacturer of brake press machines.  The product is sold world wide and becomes hugely successful for both companies.
  • 2003 Laserex is approached by GE to come up with a solution for use on one of their X-ray machines.  The LDM-4 with a x-hair optic proves to be very successful and ideal for the intended application.
  • 2004-2006 Laserex develops a series of custom laser solutions for people in the medical laser field eg cosmetic applications.
  • 2007 Laserex develops the Laser 3000 Veterinary Laser, suitable for treating injured racehorses and greyhounds (as well as other animals).  The unit operates in CW as well as pulsed Nogier frequencies.
  • 2009 Laserex is approached by Thales to design and manufacturer a Single and Dual Laser Aimer for use by the Australian Army.  All parties concerned were most impressed with the quality and performance of the product when tested under harsh military conditions.
  • 2009 Laserex is approached by Aselsan in Turkey for a laser range finding application.  The end result was a modification of an existing product, the LDM-2 that performs extremely well in rugged conditions.
  • 2011 Laserex works together with multi-national corporation ABB to manufacture, design and test lasers suitable for an Optics Block
  • 2012 The AcuvetLaser is introduced.  A portable laser therapy unit ideal for treating acupuncture points in animals.  The unit comes with charts, DVD and treatment formulas.
  • 2013 A new version of the Laser 3000 is released capitalizing on the success of the first version.  Additional features are included
  • 2015 Laserex launches a range or rugged and reliable Green Laser Diode Modules, the GLDM-4V and GLDM-5 series
  • 2016 Laserex launches the GLS-520 Green Laser Sight with advanced optics resulting in a 90% circular beam and wide operating temperature range