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Therapists, Acupuncturists, Veterinarians and Chiropractors are finding that laser diodes are a beneficial and affordable alternative to more intrusive traditional methods.

Laserex Technologies has worked with partnering companies to manufacture a number of high quality veterinary lasers. Laserex can custom design a laser to meet your specifications in terms of output power, beam size, wavelength, etc.

Our custom solutions team works together with the client from concept right through to prototype and production run.  Laserex will assist with designing the product including all labels so the unit satisfies various laser safety standards.

Laserex has recently developed the new VetLaser 3000.  This product is a portable, powerful, professional handheld laser therapy unit suitable for treating injured animals eg racehorses and greyhounds.  The unit can operate for example either with a single head (808nm 300mW) or cluster head (808nm 450mW) that are interchangeable on the same base unit.  The VetLaser 3000 is also available in all common wavelengths eg 830nm, 904nm, 785mw etc.

The VetLaser 3000 operates either in Continuous Wave or Pulsed Nogier frequencies.  The unit allows for the storage of 14 treatment dosages in its memory.  Being a high powered unit, the treatment times of the VetLaser 3000 are relatively short when compared to other products.

Low intensity laser therapy units such as the VetLaser 3000 are Class 3B Cold Lasers that are safe and effective to use for treating injured animals. The low level laser penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, providing rapid pain relief and accelerated healing.  Cold laser therapy is one of the most effective treatment modalities available on the market today.

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Low level laser light as that produced by the Laser 3000 is used to treat injured horses, dogs as well as other animals.  The properties of infrared lasers such as 808nm wavelengths enable them to penetrate up to 5cm into the muscle tissue, providing rapid pain relief and healing properties.  Studies around the world conducted by Universities as well as well know veterinary and medical schools have found that cold laser therapy (<500mW) is one of the safest and most effective forms of low level laser therapy available.  There are some 2500 studies conducted world-wide that prove the positive benefits of using low intensity laser to treat injuries.

Therapeutic lasers such as the Laser 3000 involve infrared laser therapy or cold laser light to react with the cells in the body to assist with the repair of damaged and injured muscles, ligaments, tendons to name a few.  Horses and greyhounds respond very well when treated with low level lasers such as the Laser 3000.

Low Level Laser Therapy (often referred to as LLLT) are healing lasers that work to quickly react with the injured tissue bringing about healing without the need for drugs that may have harmful side effects.

The Laser 3000 was developed with the specific purpose of being a user friendly product that can be easily and effectively used by owners, trainers as well as vets to treat their injured animals.  Class 3B lasers such as the Laser 3000 have proven time and again as being the most effective in treating injuries.  As no heating of the muscle tissue is involved, there is no risk of burning as can be the case with Class 4 lasers

The stylish unit comes with an OLED colour screen, RF interlock, laser safety eyewear and 2 sets of re-chargeable batteries and a battery re-charger.

Operating in Continuous Wave or 1 of 7 Pulsed Nogier frequencies, the Laser 3000 is a  low laser therapy unit that is ideal for use out on the track at home or in the office, kennel or barn.

Medical Laser

Whilst the Laser 3000 is a Veterinary laser therapy unit, it satisfies all the specifications and design features for a Class 3B Medical Laser product in terms of output power, performance, laser safety standards, labelling etc.  There are similar Class 3B laser therapy units on the market being used for medical applications. The Laser 3000 has the same specifications and performance criteria as these products.

Laserex has not sought medical approvals for this product at this point in time and hence it is currently sold to the Veterinary market.

Being Australian design and manufactured, the Laser 3000 comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and comes in an attractive carry case with a foam insert.

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